Measure for Measure

by Measure for Measure

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released May 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Measure for Measure Montgomery, Alabama

Paul Boley, Steve Bell, and Austin Bres.

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Track Name: Low
i'll get over this like i get over everything
i know it was meant to be this way
but i don't believe in that shit anyway
and i cant convince myself i'm doing fine this time

first thing's first, lets get it all out
i've been sleeping on some questions i've been thinking about
like how was I to know that you'd be so inclined to go
if things stayed too much of the same for way too long

wish i could take back everything i've said and so much more
i'm getting used to being casually ignored

i've been let down, and i thought it would be easier
but i have found no common ground below
and i've been down, as low as i could possibly be
and you're too gone

laugh it off and turn your back
the world is different, the city's desperate for one more night alone
how were we to know, that you'd pack your shit and go
i just wish i could let you go
Track Name: Summer
am i too up front, like my heart on my sleeve
i could make a change, but i'm where i want to be
i'm still that kid looking back toward summer
wishing it would last forever

maybe we're all better off in the dark
where questions never start
and keep on fighting about nothing at all
and maybe i'll take a break for a while
would you notice if i just moved on

wish i could explain why every day since then feels just like repetition
it was my decision
i had reasons knew we'd see this bitter season to an end
and i'm never going back again

do i try too hard, like i'm always out of place
i'd be good to go, if i thought these were better days
like those days looking back toward summer
knowing it cant last forever

i never want to leave, but i'm learning how to put it all behind me
because things will change, shit never stays the same but that's ok
Track Name: Days Like These
woke up in a haze
it's been a long few days and I don't think i'll ever change
some days just get this way

i'm not overwhelmed but i remember
telling myself everything will be easier someday

25 years left me here without direction
treading lines in standard time
every now and then i feel like everything makes sense
but days like these always get the best of me

everyboyd's gone
or at least moved on to picture frames and emotionless songs
some days just get this way

i still hang around but i am finding out
i'm ok thinking things will get easier someday

remind me all the time about good old days and plans we made
i'm tired of this town but i won't let it get me down
Track Name: Almost There
we made mistakes
we fell in love when we were young
but youth and pride couldn't change my mind

but i'm almost there

i'm so over getting over you and we've got nothing else to lose
and i'm done with sentiments like "let her go"
like i don't know who i was 10 years ago, well i feel fine

does it bother you like it bothers me?
well i'll take my chances and just walk away

i'm sleepless in a room built strong enough for two
filled with all the things i've grown accustomed to
and i'm trying to sing in tune, or tune it out
because i know this is the end...somehow i know this is the end
Track Name: Bummer
speak to me, because nothing really speaks to me today anyway
i question everything, but only little things
anxiety keeps pushing me away

but most times i'm doing fine alone

after all this time, i'm ok honestly
i'm making all this up as i go along
and i'm running out of dreams
or friends to count on for anything it seems
i guess i'll be ok

i am not afraid of wasting all my days
as long as i find something true that means anything to me
and i cant explain to everyone that brought me here
i know i'll come around someday