i'll get over this like i get over everything
i know it was meant to be this way
but i don't believe in that shit anyway
and i cant convince myself i'm doing fine this time

first thing's first, lets get it all out
i've been sleeping on some questions i've been thinking about
like how was I to know that you'd be so inclined to go
if things stayed too much of the same for way too long

wish i could take back everything i've said and so much more
i'm getting used to being casually ignored

i've been let down, and i thought it would be easier
but i have found no common ground below
and i've been down, as low as i could possibly be
and you're too gone

laugh it off and turn your back
the world is different, the city's desperate for one more night alone
how were we to know, that you'd pack your shit and go
i just wish i could let you go


from Measure for Measure, released May 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Measure for Measure Montgomery, Alabama

Paul Boley, Steve Bell, and Austin Bres.

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